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When it comes to defeating that toughest of enemies among illnesses, i.e. cancer, one not so favorable news is that this will most likely be impossible, not only at present, but even in the next generation. In case the patterns of the recent past, as well as those of the present, keep prevailing, not even the huge progress that medicine is making is going to be able to keep the pace with and cause the demise of this ever so much feared enemy.

Anything should go

Upon a more in -depth analysis of this fearsome enemy and the illness itself, the sooner people realize that every possible method and solution can contribute to bringing it under control, the better. After all, when it comes to prolonging his/her life, nothing less is expected from a person in question. Therefore, strong character, determination and well balanced state of the mind are the first and one of the key allies a person should embrace.

The people who have been diagnosed with cancer, and manage to treat themselves, need to regard this as an even greater encouragement to lead an even healthier and fulfilling life than before. When it comes to defeating cancer, this primarily depends on the variety and the severity of the cancer itself, as well as on the person’s lifestyle and the period in time when the cancer has been discovered. Upon hearing, i.e. being diagnosed with cancer, a person will most definitely freak out and even lose him/herself for a while. But, the sooner a person realizes that this is not a proper way to defeat it, he/she needs to stand up straight, clench those teeth, and mentally prepare for the upcoming battle as best as possible.

It CAN be defeated

This terrifying illness certainly causes a lot of havoc in one’s life, including many emotional problems, neurological disorders, frustrations of any kind, as well as esthetic alterations. This is probably the main reason why a person, diagnosed with cancer as well as that surviving one, should not at any cost go through with this all alone – support matters, and it matters big. Some of the things that can contribute to establish a newly found strength are far less talk of those closes to you about the illness itself. Also, when feeling extremely blue, do not abstain from sharing your concern with somebody you trust and feel comfortable talking with – comfort is also extremely important. Whatever you do, try doing it with as much enjoyment, laughter and positive attitude as possible, for this way you, are surely to ward of the stress, depression and contribute to an even better functioning of your immune system. And no matter what, try as harder as you can to be always confident, perky and relentless in your attempts to get well again.

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