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The survival rate of a cancer represents the percentage of people with a certain type and stage of a malignant disease who manage to survive the disease for a specific period of time after the diagnosis is made. In majority of cases the statistic data refers to a 5-year-period. In case of ovarian cancer all the mentioned is calculated and estimated but in a specific group, women suffering from this malignant disease.

Ovarian Cancer Survival Rates

The 5-year ovarian cancer survival rate is a number of people who manage to survive the disease and stay alive for at least 5 years after diagnosing ovarian cancer. It does not make any difference if such people have some of the symptoms and signs of the disease or they are symptom-free. Another factor that does not affect statistics is the treatment patients have received during this 5-year period.

Data regarding survival rates are actually based on the large groups of people suffering from a particularly type of cancer, in this case ovarian cancer. So, they simply cannot be applied and used for prediction regarding an individual patient. Nobody knows what will actually happen to each patient suffering from ovarian or any other cancer. Some patients are diagnosed in an early stage of the disease while others have to face advanced stage of the disease. Furthermore, in some individuals treatment successfully deals with malignant cells while in others treatment fails to provide with desirable effects and the disease progresses nevertheless.

Factors Associated with Ovarian Cancer Survival Rate

There are several factors which influence survival rate in women suffering from ovarian cancer. The first one is histological type of the tumor. The second one is the stage of the disease. Apart from the mentioned woman's age and her overall health affects the progression of the disease. It is also important what treatments have been applied and how a woman has responded to treatment i.e. whether the disease is brought under control or it progresses in spite of treatment.

Ovarian Cancer Estimated Survival Rates

Ovarian epithelial cancer survival rates depend on the stage of the disease. It is estimated that around 89% of all women in stage I will survive 5 years. If they are in stage II the chance is 66%. Survival rate for the stage III is 34% and finally only 18% of women suffering from stage IV ovarian epithelial cancer will survive 5 years after being diagnosed with the tumor.

Low malignant potential ovarian cancer has better prognosis. 99% of women in the first stage will survive 5 years. 98% of women in the second stage and 96% of women in the third stage of the disease will stay alive for 5 years after being diagnosed with the tumor. Only if they are diagnosed in the fourth stage the percentage drops to 77%.

Finally, ovarian germ cell cancer survival rate is 98% for stage I, 80% for stage II, 84% for stage III and only 55% for stage IV.

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