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Chances of survival

There are a lot of people all over the world who suffer from some type of cancer. Every year, more and more people develop a certain type. When oral cancer is considered, every year over 34,000 people develop it in the United States alone. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the physician will already have an idea what the patient’s survival chances are. There are numerous statistics on that.People should know that there are several factors that determine the survival rate.

The patient’s overall health, age and the stage and severity of the cancer are the most important. However, a person will have a greater chance of survival if his or her oncologists and surgeons are skillful. Choosing an effective treatment option is important as well. The good thing is that there are a lot of people who survived cancer, no matter what stage of it they suffered from. A person’s will and determination to survive are essential. A part from following the treatment plan made by the doctor, a person can also look for ways to better his or her state on his or her own.

The statistic

Like with every type of cancer, the chances of survival are better if the cancer is discovered in its early stages. In case of throat cancer, a person who was diagnosed with an early stage of it has 90% chance of survival. If the cancer has spread to the surrounding tissue, the chances of survival are between 50 and 60%. However, if the cancer has metastasized, there is almost no chance of the cancer being cured.

People should not lose hope since at the moment there are several treatment options which are being tested. There are also good treatment plans outside of the United States as well.

A lot of head and neck cancers are considered oral cancers. Even though the chances of survival are a lot higher if the cancer is discovered in its early stages, people are not aware that it is quite difficult to discover oral cancer.

A person who is willing to become involved in the process of treatment and do some research on his or her own increases the chances of survival. For any type of cancer treatment, proper nutrition, exercise and emotional support are essential. Finding the hospital and doctors with the best track record of treating throat and oral cancer is quite important as well.

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