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In the following text, we will see which nutritional characteristics this fruithas. This fruit comes from Persia and it can be white, pink, yellow and red incolor. Prunus is its botanical name. The story of peach, by some sources,begins from ancient China, where it has first been discovered. Then it was taken fromPersia by ancient Romans. This claim may be confirmed by several Chinesewritings that mention this fruit. Many rulers and emperors in China likedconsuming this fruit. Mediterranean climate is the best climate for the peach growing. They preferwarm region to the cold ones. They have broad and lanceolate looking leavesand the peach tree usually grows to a height in the region of 2 to 3.5m. Drupesor stone fruit are names this fruit also has. Peaches that are tangy flavoredare those yellow in color, while sweet are those that are white. Spain, Greece,France, USA, Italy, and China are countries where they are grown. In Europe and Americathe tangy ones are a bit more popular, while sweet and white are more popularin Asia.

Now we will move on to the numbers associated with peach nutrition. One peachcontains 6.6mg of vitamin C, 0.1micro gram of selenium, 0.25mg of iron, 0.17mgof zinc, 190mg of potassium, 6mg of calcium, 8.39g of sugar, 9.54g ofcarbohydrates, 0.25g of fat, 0.91g of protein and 54 calories.


Skin tanning prevention and healthy skin are promoted with the use of peaches.Also, peach juice is good for those with stomach worms. Dietary fiber is highin peach due to calories it has. Cancer can even be prevented due to the high levels of vitamin A that peaches have. Consummation of peaches will improve bowel movement and make itmore regular. Also, tumors may be avoided due to the antioxidants peaches have.Gout and arthritis stricken people should introduce more peaches intheir nutrition. This is due to the light laxative effect of peaches. Boilpeach leaves and add honey and sugar, and you will get a remedy good forrestless children. It is an excellent snack because it has 54 good calories.Peaches are also good for energy boost, dry cough and calcium deficiency.Gastric complications and cardiovascular diseases can be avoided with the useof this fruit. Depression and fatigue can be removed with this fruit that people in Japan like to make tee from. Oily and dark skin can be removed and a mixturemade from one teaspoon of sweet almond and peach pulp.

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