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Albumin and creatinine

Albumin is a protein that can be found in the bloodplasma in the humans. The liver is the organ that is responsible for thesecretion of albumin. Almost half of the total blood serum protein is albumin and its main role is to bind the constituents in the blood. When there is albumindeficiency, the blood fluids tend to disintegrate and leak into the tissuescausing edema.

Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine in themuscle metabolism. The kidneys are responsible for the filtration of creatinineout of the blood. Albumin and creatinine can be found in blood andtherefore, a simple blood test can measure the amounts of them in blood. Since the kidneys are responsible for the filtration of the blood,albumin and creatinine can be also found in the urine. Therefore, a urine testcan also be done to measure the levels of albumin and creatinine. In order to check the proper functioning of thekidneys, albumin creatinine ratio is measured. It is a test that shows whetherthe kidneys are healthy or not.

Normal albumin creatinine ratio

In this test, the amount of albumin that passes fromthe kidneys to the urine is compared to the amount of creatinine. The levels ofalbumin in urine can be simply measured by a simple urine test. However,albumin creatinine ratio is preferable since it stays unchanged by any kind ofvariation in the concentration in urine. It is considered that the normal ratio of albumin tocreatinine is about less than 30 milligrams per gram of creatinine.

The normal albumin creatinine ratio is not the samein men and in women. It is considered that the normal ratio of albumin tocreatinine in men is less or equal to 17 mg/g of creatinine. On the other side,the normal albumin creatinine ratio in women is around 25 mg/g of creatinine.

Microalbuminuria is the medical term for the highalbumin creatinine ratio that ranges from 35 to 300 mg/g of creatinine. Thiscondition means that there is a small amount of albumin in the urine. When thishappens, it is the sign that the kidneys are affected by some disorder ordisease.Macroalbuminuria is the medical term for thecondition marked by the albumin creatinine ratio, which is more than 300 mg/g ofcreatinine. This means that there is a high level of albumin in urine. Whenthis happens, the kidneys are seriously affected.

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