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Chest hurts when breathing

Why Do I Feel Pain in Chest while Breathing?

Experiencing any type of sudden pain in chest while breathing is not pleasant and can cause you to question the situation. Namely, you are probably going to assume that something is wrong with your health. Also, regarding that assumption, you might be suffering from several different conditions, one of which could even be an ongoing heart attack. Thus, before jumping to any conclusions, you should know how to notice pain in chest while breathing and know when is the time to seek medical assistance, getting a proper diagnosis and starting an adequate treatment of your problem.

The Feeling

This phenomenon may manifest through a sharp pain, which first strikes you in the back, transfers onto your shoulder area, and then spreads gradually onto your arms, shoulders, neck and jaw. As for breathing, you are likely not to be able to breathe freely, inhaling smaller amounts of air, sweating and feeling sick. Upon applying pressure on your chest, you are bound to feel tenderness while experiencing constant burning pain in your chest bone and around it. Any case of coughing or deep breathing, as well as moving one's body in different positions, only increases the amount of pain you are exposed to. Finally, your taste sense is altered as well, since, while suffering from this condition, you can feel a sour taste in your mouth whenever you are swallowing. Still, the causes of all these problems do not necessarily need to be related to your heart.

Reasons behind Chest Pain while Breathing

In most cases, your heart is the issue and the main underlying cause of this condition. Namely, your arteries may not be capable of delivering sufficient amounts of oxygen to the heart due to obstructions or narrowing of the blood vessels.

Nevertheless, sometimes the problem may be related to the lungs. Then, there is a high likelihood that you are suffering from a pulmonary embolism, which is a blood clot caught in the lungs, depriving them of oxygen. Pneumonia, or any complications related to it, also is capable of delivering this kind of pain to your chest.

Alternatively, your whole lung may be down, you might be suffering from a broken rib or excessive accumulation of gas in the area. All these factors are known to cause chest pain while breathing.

Possible Treatment

Basically, the treatment is prescribed only after the patient gets examined by an electrocardiogram. Then, after ruling out or confirming any of the cases mentioned above, including gastroesophageal reflux disease, proper treatment is prescribed and the patient may start taking certain antibiotics or changing his/her lifestyle so as to stop the pain from appearing again.

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