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Once you have suffered from breast cancer and won, you know that the battle is far from over. Namely, breast cancer may return and all patients are left with this constant fear and negative anticipation. However, if breast cancer does return, it is not the end of the world and you should not consider this to be something ultimate. Rather, it is merely a beginning of another fight and, if you won the first one, you can win this one as well. You just need adequate tactics and, with the abundance of new treatment methods available, you have plenty of strategies to choose from.

The First Step

As with every other major problem in life, you cannot go against breast cancer yourself. Rather, you will need a team of experts you can count on.

Basically, you will need a surgeon who is experienced in removing metastatic cancer. Additionally, you will need a medical oncologist who is specialized in chemotherapy as well as other cancer-fighting methods including anti-estrogen treatment, pain management, immune therapies and diet plans.

This does not make your entire team. Thus, you will also need an oncologist who is specialized in radiation therapy. This person will help you deal with pain, bleeding, strength decrease, decreased bone density, nerve damage, respiratory problems or brain complications.

Additional team member of yours should be a radiologist, being the interpreter of different scans and tests you will have to undergo, helping you make the right choice regarding treatment and understand everything connected to it.

Finally, you will need a pathologist who will examine the cancer cells of yours and analyze them.

Make sure your primary care health expert connects you to these specialists. Through this process you may get acquainted with numerous health experts and, thereby, get plenty of second opinions and suggestions. Also, with this team, you may undergo numerous experimental treatments which might help you deal with your breast cancer effectively.

Experimental Treatments for Breast Cancer

As far as experimental treatments for this cruel disease are concerned, there are vaccines which can stimulate your body to fight against cancer cells. Alternatively, some drugs are known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the breast. Finally, clinical trials may be available for certain experimental types of chemotherapy. Yet, you should not sign or accept any treatment without fully understanding it. Some of these cancer treatments may involve you being given a placebo, even though these cases are rare. Thus, give your best to find an adequate treatment, both experimental and official and battle cancer the best way you can.

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