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About Brahmi

Bacopa monnieri is the native Indian herb, also well knownas water hyssop, coastal waterhyssop, thyme-leaf gratiola or brahmi. It canalso be found in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam Taiwan and China, as well as some southernstates of United States. The herb usually grows on wet and muddy terrain or inwater, which is the reason for the use as aquarium plant.

This herb is well known in traditional Indian medicine - Ayurvedaand as the powerful remedy it has been in use for centuries. In Ayurveda, brahmiis used to balance negative effects of Vataa Dosha, because this is thecondition that affect nervous system. However, brahmi is ingredient frequentlyused in Vietnamese cuisine and in phytoremediation, for the accumulation oflead, mercury, cadmium and chromium.

Brahmi is found to contain alkaloids brahmine andherpestine, flavonoids, saponins and antioxidants. Bacopasaponins such asbacosides A and B are some of the most potent active components of this herb, andwith all other ingredients responsible for the effects of brahmi. Central Drug Instituteof India (CDII) has discovered that these bacopasaponins are able to increaseproduction of proteins in the brain cells, which can lead to healthier growthand faster development of these cells. As the result, people using this herbexperience improved both short and long-termed memory and better concentration.

How Brahmi Affects Human Body

In India, brahmi is aid for everyone who needs to be very concentratedand solve some mental or mathematical problems, such as students and teachers. Thisherb is considered to be one of the most powerful brain tonics that exist andas such, it is used to improve learning, concentration and memory. It can helppeople whose mental capacities are decreased because of old age, those whosuffer from insomnia, restlessness or anxiety, as well as some childrensuffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD). Healthy people can memorizethings they learn much faster when using brahmi, but also things they learnedwill stay much longer than usual in their memory.

Brahmi is also used to cleanse the blood and treatinflammations and high fever. It is also found as very beneficial for healthyhair and skin. People experiencing respiratory problems, such as hoarseness,chronic cough, bronchitis or asthma can use brahmi to treat their healthissues. This herb is also known to treat: rheumatism, backache, arthritis, epilepticseizures, indigestion, irregular menstruation and sexual problems (likefrigidity, impotence or premature ejaculation).

This herbal remedy is believed to help anyone who uses it, regardlessof their age. However the dosage should be adjusted to the age of the patientusing brahmi, and the doctors should recommend the proper dose. There were noreported side effects in people using this remedy, but you must be cautious andavoid it if you are allergic to it.

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