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There is one question people do not like regarding the body fat:do you have too much of it? Unfortunately, the answer is yes in many cases, and what is even a bigger problem is that there are manyobese people who are not that concerned about it, even though they know whatmight happen later on in life because of obesity.

Weight loss

This is why people should understand first how much normalweight will make their lives better. Many obese people suffer from depressionbecause they slowly eliminate all socialization from their live, thinking theyare too ugly to show their bodies around. Some do use this problem to dosomething about it, but that is generally a wrong opinion. Most of adult obesepeople became obese because they ate too much and because they ate bad food. Theproblem is that they do not do that because of happiness and joy; mostly they do itbecause of too much stress in their lives. There are even some people with theorythat if nothing else can be achieved in life, at least enjoying in food isavailable to everyone, more or less.

So, what should be done? First of all, people should noteven let obesity sneak in their lives. Weighing themselves from time to time isa good method of preventing some serious weight gain. And when there are just afew extra pounds, people should do something about it. It is much easier to deal withthose couple of pounds than with dozens in couple of years. So, what to doexactly?

Losing weight

If extra weight is not something big and serious, thanseveral steps should be made. First of all, people should start walking as muchas possible. Walking form home to the grocery store and back, from home to job andback, from home to friend’s place and back - all of these light activities willeliminate extra pounds, not quickly but over some time. Also, some changes shouldbe made when it comes to eating. Junk food, sodas, food rich in saturated fat– these all should be avoided. No strict diet is needed, only controlled eatingand there will be no problems, weight will be gone in no time. Also, fruits andveggies should be a part of most of meals due to the fact that they are full of vitamins andminerals. Water should also bepresent in meals, and experts say that at least 8 glasses of water should be takendaily.

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