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Scratched cornea treatment

If a person does not take proper care of his or her eyes that person may end up with scratched cornea.First of all a person must take real care of the eyes since they are the most sensitive organs. If a person does not, he or she may end up with some kind of an eye problem like scratched eye for instance. The other name for a scratched cornea is corneal abrasion. Scratched cornea can cause a lot of pain and a person must attend to it at once. Some of the causes of this problems are broken or wrongly placed lenses, dirty lenses or simply wearing them for a long period of time. Tiny dust particles or insects that end up in the eye may cause scratched cornea as well. If a person accidentally pokes himself or herself in the eye with a finger, that can also cause a scratched cornea.

Scratched cornea symptoms

One of the most common symptoms of this problem is watery eyes. This is almost a sure sign that a person has scratched his or her eye. Other symptoms include intense eye pain and sometimes even sensitivity to light. Another symptom may be the scratchy eye and an annoying feeling that there is a foreign substance in the eye. A person who wears contact lenses is more likely to suffer from blurred vision when his or her cornea is scratched. Scratched cornea treatment

The first thing a person can do in this situation is to wash the eye with saline or tap water. This is available to all and it will clear any infections, help with the removing of foreign objects and cure the scratched cornea.Some people use eye lubricants or artificial tears in this case. Using one of these products will get rid of the pain cause by a scratched cornea.A person who has scratched his or her cornea should know that rest is one of the most important thing in the process of recovery. Reading, watching television or spending much time at the computer should not be done until the eye has recovered. A person should keep the eyes closed as much as possible. Cold compresses placed on the eyes will help as well.If a person goes outside while the cornea has not yet recovered, he or she should wear sunglasses. Wearing lenses is out of the question until the eye has healed.

These treatments should help but a person should go to the ophthalmologist straight away. It takes a couple of days for the cornea to heal.

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