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Double Vision

Double vision is the impairment when you see a double image of asingle object. As soon as you notice that there is something wrong with yourvision, you should see an ophthalmologist because in most cases there is somemore serious disorder which causes double vision. In case double vision iscaused by excessive alcohol consumption, visit to the ophthalmologist is not necessarybecause it will go away on its own once you sober up.


Problems which cause double vision may occur at any part ofyour vision system. The vision system consists of cornea, lenses, eye muscles,nerves and brain. Cornea is transparent membrane which covers the eye. Ifcornea gets infected or injured, this may lead to double vision. The functionof the lenses is to focus light. The most common problem concerning lenses iscataract. This disorder can also cause double vision. Eye muscles are responsiblefor proper eye movement. If these muscles become weakened or damaged, they willcause double vision. Problems with thyroid gland may affect eye muscles. Disorderssuch as diabetes or multiple sclerosis can cause damage to eye nerves which canfurther lead to double vision. Any brain disease or injury can lead to doublevision.


There are many causes which can lead to double vision. Thecauses can be various condition and disorders which have double vision as oneof the symptoms. Such condition and disorders include diabetes, cataract,botulism, cancer, multiple sclerosis, sinusitis, abscess and Graves' diseasewhich is a thyroid gland disorder. A variety of problems which are connected tothe brain can cause double vision. These problems include brain tumor, stroke,migraine, severe headache and aneurysm. Double vision can be a consequence ofan injury or trauma of the brain. It can be also caused by an infection of thebrain. The cause of double vision can also be an injury or infection of theeye.


It is important to get proper treatment for the underlyingcause in time because in some cases, your vision problems may progress. Have theophthalmologist check your eyes as soon as possible, especially if double visionis accompanied by other symptoms such as pain in the eyes or in the surroundingarea, nausea and headache, or if there are some other vision problems such asblurry vision, because the cause may be more serious. In order to maintain goodvision, besides being treated for the underlying cause, you should wearsunglasses with UV protection, and avoid cigarettes and alcohol.

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