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The theme of this text is the problems which person can experience due to a cornea inflammation. The reason why this condition occurs is the herpes simplex virus 1, the same virus which is responsible for the creation of cold sores. The condition we are talking about is named keratitis. This disease causes the inflammation of the cornea, which is created on the outer rim of the cornea. If the condition is not treated, or if it becomes worse for some other reason, the infection will spread to the deeper area of the cornea. If this happens, there is a danger of decreased vision ability. The other causes for the creation of keratitis include fungi, bacteria, varicella zoster virus and parasites. This condition can be considered quite common, since more than 5000 people in America are diagnosed with this disease every year. Deficiency of vitamin A can also be the cause for Keratitis. In some cases, the operation of the cornea, unfitting contact lenses, injury of the cornea or injury of the front of the eye in general can be the reason for keratitis. If the patient is experiencing dryness, there is a threat of injury to the cornea and thus the keratitis. This usually is seen among the patients with rheumatic diseases, such as Sjogren's syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. If the problems are experienced because of inappropriate lenses, the person with these problems should stop wearing those lenses right away.


As for the symptoms, light sensitivity, red eye, pain, blurred vision, discomfort in the eye region and watery eye are the most common. If the problem is caused by the herpes simplex virus, the condition rarely affects both eyes, and in these cases, one eye is usually affected. When you go to the doctor to diagnose the problem, you will be asked some questions first, and then the doctor will see the cornea via one instrument. This is going to help in detecting ulcers on the cornea. They can bring stains on the cornea, which are permanent. Eyelids can also be affected when the herpes simplex is the reason for keratitis. Other methods for diagnosing the problem include eye swab, measuring the cornea, testing vision, using an instrument named slit lamp to examine the eye and testing eye for light sensitivity. The condition can be very short winded if caused by lenses, but it takes longer if the rheumatic disease is the cause.


In order to prevent this disease, try not to touch your eye if you are experiencing eye problems, and try to maintain proper contact lens hygiene. When the treatment is concerned, some eye drops and antiviral medications can eliminate the problem, though, in some cases, this may not be enough, and the doctor has to remove the dead tissue manually. For keratitis caused by rheumatic diseases, Lubricating eye drops are used. For problems caused by ocular dryness, artificial tears can be used for treatment. Although the body has means to fight the infection, if the problem is persistent or increasing, professional help is needed. The treatment will be more successful if the symptoms are detected early. But remember that almost every other case will experience reoccurred keratitis. This applies especially to keratitis caused by herpes simplex virus.

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