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By knowing which symptoms to look forone can notice a blood clot early enough.However, if you neglect these symptoms, you might suffer fromnumerous other complications later on. Thus, time is of the essence,along with your health. The following lines will explain how torecognize the right symptoms of a blood clot somewhere in your body,helping you react upon noticing these things. Cancer, birth controlpills you are taking, sitting too long and many other differentthings can all cause blood clots. Pay close attention andlisten to your body, maybe it is calling for help.

Facts about Blood Clots

Generally, blood clots cause pain and afeeling of numbness. Alternatively, you might experience a swellingupon the troublesome area of your body. Once in limbs, blood clotstend to cause these symptoms, along with “pins and needles”.Logically, if the clot itself moves to a different part of your body,all the manifestations will move there as well.

We all know that blood clots usuallyhappen outside of our body, in order to protect us once we getphysically hurt by getting cut, for example. Then, our bloodstiffens, stopping the other blood from leaving our system,contributing to the healing process. Unfortunately, once this happensinside, the process is different since the clots obstruct the freeflow of blood, depriving our cells of oxygen, causing many problemsto our organism.

Once you have a clot developed in yourblood stream, it might cause several types of problems. Namely, itmay obstruct some of your heart's arteries, causing a heart attack,or completely obstruct blood delivered to your brain, causing astroke, due to the absence of oxygen in your brain. Additionally, itmight get inside your lungs, causing complications there too.

As far as different risk groups areconcerned, many people are potential developers of blood clots.People who spend a lot of time flying in airplanes are one of themost endangered groups. Also, people who are bedridden for a longertime, or those who have undergone surgeries as well as those whosuffer from illnesses like cancer, all can develop blood clots soonerand later. Pregnant women and women on birth control pills alsobelong to this list.

Even though people develop blood clotsfrom time to time, not all of these are dangerous. Rather, thisdangerous trait of blood clots usually takes place once we are older.

Upon visiting your doctor and having ablood clot diagnosed, you are likely to be given blood thinners as apart of your treatment. However, leading a healthy life regardingphysical activity and nutrition is crucial both for proper treatmentand prevention.

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