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Blood clot, or thrombus, is developed in the blood vesselsand they stay there. Fibrin is a protein and it workswith the platelets and red blood cells, and together, once the injury of a bloodvessel occurs, they form a lump, which is what a blood clot is. The bleeding is stopped, but there are cases in which forming of the blood clot is not done due to some reason.If a blood clot is developed in the arteries or veins, if they areunnaturally dissolved, or if they occur due some other uncommon reason, this raisessuspicion of many serious medical problems. The following text will focus onthe arm blood clots and their treatment.


Arm numbness, tingling feeling, warmth and muscle spasms are the most commonsymptoms of arm blood clot. The name DVT or the deep vein thrombosis isconnected with the blood clot developed in the deeper arm tissue. Thisproblem causes skin redness and swelling. Blood clot type called arterialembolism begins in one body area, but it can expands to other regions and arm aswell. This issue causes arm weakness, lack of movement, reduced pulse rate,cold hands and arms, and it has to be treated as soon as possible because this isa very serious condition. The condition will advance if not treated and it willcause skin shedding, skin darkening, skin lesions and arm blisters.

One of the complicationsthat can occur after the surgery is arm blood clot. Time needed for their developmentafter the surgery will be influenced by something unknown at this moment, sothe blood clot can occur after several months, weeks or even hours after thesurgery.


Doctors will probably give you Warfarin or Heparin, which are the two mostcommonly used drugs for the treatment of blood clot problems. Blood thinners can also play a significant role in the prevention of blood clots but never use them on yourown and always see a professional before using any medications. There are someremedies that you can use if you are having arm blood clot problems and one ofthem refers to the leaves from the yarrow tree. They will thin the blood and preventoccurrence of blood clots and they can be used for other body areas as well. Theblood thickening can be prevented with a diet with a lot of foods rich in fiber and some of them are whole grains, seeds legumes, raw nuts, vegetablesand fruits. Vitamin E can be found in wheat germs, walnuts, sunflower seeds,peanuts, corn and almonds and they will help you avoid many blood clotting inducedmedical issues and make the blood thinner. Remember that you will have to see adoctor the minute you notice symptoms because there are many very seriousproblem that will require immediate treatment or otherwise, your life might be in danger.Problems with blood clotting can be avoided with a proper diet and regular exercising.

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