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Recovery time after blepharoplasty

Even though the surgery procedure in question is usually done on an outpatient basis and the patient rarely needs to stay in the hospital a few days after the procedure, it does not mean that it should not be taken as seriously as any other surgery procedure. Just like it is advised in cases of other surgery procedures, it is highly recommended that the patient is familiar with the things that will happen during the surgery, as well as the things that can be expected afterwards. This will help them to be better prepared mentally, which is very important as well. Among the most important and frequent questions regarding the procedure in question is how long the recovery period will last, and the truth is that the answer cannot be given precisely, since it is something that depends on every individual.

Generally speaking, it takes from two days to a week for the stitches to be removed, while the patient will be allowed to go back to work two weeks after the procedure is done. However, during that time, particularly during the first week, the patient will need to rest a lot, while redness, swelling or even bruising, which are inevitable in this period should not be reasons for depression because they are perfectly normal and expected.

How to speed up the recovery and healing time?

There certainly are some steps that the patient can take in order to speed up the healing process and to shorten the time needed for the recovery, but it is important to follow the advice given by the surgeon. He will also be a good source of such useful tips. So, what one can do in order to achieve these goals and not to endanger the process of healing and recovery includes the use of cold compresses, wearing sunglasses when going outside, and avoiding the use of alcohol as long as the recovery lasts. However, what might be of greatest importance is actually keeping the head elevated while sleeping and avoiding those activities that are likely to dry the eyes or enhance the blood flow. It is of extreme importance to avoid potential complications, because if any of them occurs, the period of recovery will only be prolonged. And no matter how harmless this procedure might seem to some, numerous complications are certainly possible, of which some can be very serious.

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