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Being a bodybuilder today requires a lot from a person. First of all, there should be an enormous desire to create a perfect body with each and every muscle emphasized to the maximum and even more than that. It is obvious that the high rank bodybuilders did not reach their state of the bodies with simply exercising, but the supplements have to be used as well.


There are several basic products that bodybuilders thinking of becoming professionals have to use. Those are muscle mass gainers, fat burners (if needed, of course), energy boosters (important for executing hard and intensive training sessions), vitamins and minerals (important for maintaining the balance of electrolytes), muscle recovery products (also good for shortening the time between two sessions). There are also products that are having several of mentioned things incorporated in them, which should be a good deal because of the economical aspect.

A problem with supplements is that those products, even though supposedly safe and natural, still might cause some problems in the organism. This means that a detailed medical examination should take place. There also might be a chance that a bodybuilder is allergic to some of the components in the mentioned product, which might create further complications. Also, people should know what to use and when. There might be a problem if several products are used at the same time, since it may provoke some harmful interaction.


Steroid cycles are very important; they should be done precisely as instructed, because there are some medical problems that might emerge because of the misuse. Some of those are problems with the blood pressure, problems with some organs such as prostate and liver, etc. So, the question that should be asked is – do you understand steroid cycle? Even though it can create great benefits for the user, if used improperly, it can create a lot of medical issues.


An advanced steroid cycle would include using 100 mg of testosterone supplement, 400 mg of trenbolone enanthate, 60 mg of dianabol and Aromasin (only 25 mg). The mentioned values are for one week, and this cycle should last for 15 weeks exactly with one week of pause. Post cycle therapy should take place then and it should last for 9 weeks, followed by 6 weeks of using Clomid, Nolvadex, and Aromasin.

An important thing to know is that, whatever cycle is used, it must be executed as prescribed, without any alternation. Each product should be taken with the exact amount, no changes are allowed!

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