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Vitamin C and vitamin B complex are known as water solublevitamins. There is no storage in the body for these vitamins and people must takeenough of them every day, either by food or by supplements. In the free statesall of these vitamins are inactive, and they need to be converted to thecoenzyme forms in order to show their activity.

There are 8 different vitamins B, including: B1 or thiamine,B2 - riboflavin, B6, also known as pyridoxine and B 12. Some other B vitamins arealso included in the same group: nicotinic acid (or niacin), biotin, folic acidand pantothenic acid.

Absorption and Effects

Once we take the food rich in water soluble vitamins (orsupplements) the vitamins are absorbed in the intestine and through the bloodthey are transported to the tissues of the body. Vitamin B12 is specific, sinceit needs a certain factor (known as intrinsic factor for absorption) to beabsorbed in our intestine.

Vitamins are used by many parts of the body, and they are necessaryto maintain good health of our organism. These vitamins are important becauseour body requires them to get the energy from the food we eat. Water solublevitamins also provide good vision, healthy skin and nervous system and normal appetite.They are also found important for the formation of red blood cells.


Since the body doesn’t have a permanent and big storage placeto store these vitamins, they are excreted in urine every day. Because of thelimited capacity, we need to take water soluble vitamins every day. Most ofthese vitamins are excreted in urine as free vitamins, but vitamin B12 isexcreted in the stool. Sometimes, there might be some biotin and folic acidpresent in the stool, but they probably come from the bacteria present in theintestine.

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is needed for the creation ofteeth and bones, for healthy immune system, strong blood vessel walls, forprevention of scurvy and healing of the wounds in the body.

Our body needs more vitamin C when you are under somestress, if you smoke or you are pregnant, or when you experience infection orfever. Women using birth control pills also need more vitamin C than usual. Someclaim that extremely high doses of vitamin C can prevent and cure common cold,but also affect the development of some cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, cataractor, heart problems.

Vitamin B Complex

Lack of vitamins B can lead to many medical problems, suchas: pernicious anemia, beriberi and pellagra. People who used polished whiterice in their diet or alcoholics are more prone to vitamin B deficiency thanother people.

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