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Gout symptoms come acutely andout of sudden. The main symptom is an inflammation of the connection betweentwo bones (joints), especially big toe. This is present in different forms ofarthritis. Persons who suffer from gout are usually men, about 95 percent.Women are not that often affected by gout, in about 5 percent.

In almost 50% of the cases, the big toe is the first victim of gout. Gout can last for a short period oftime and then, even without medical help, vanish. After this first symptom,other signs may not show up for a long time. Sometimes they can occur in a weekand sometimes in a year, and sometimes they will never show up again. Jointscan lose the capability of moving if the attacks are frequent and last long. The bigtoe is usually the target of this (in 90 %). Gout is usually hereditarycondition and is a result of uric acid disturbance. There is an excess of uricacid in the blood. In order to treat this condition, doctors are trying to putan end to gout attacks, to decrease the pain and inflammation, avoid futureattacks, and to prevent complications. Complications are rarely present, but ifa patient is not following doctor’s instructions regarding medicines and the change of life habits, they may occur.

Eating habits are also important.Patient is not recommended to eat food that contains purine. There are severalthings that the patient should be aware of. He should drink a lot of fluid,lose weight, avoid alcohol and take pharmacies for hyperuricemia reduction. Medicine that are used for gout treatment are non-steroidal anti-inflammatorydrugs (NSAIDS), especially Indomethacin, and they are initial remedies in gouttreatment. They are used until the pain and inflammation disappear and are gone forminimum 48 hours. Colchicine is not used in orderto reduce uric acid in the blood. Instead, it is used in stopping the symptoms fromworsening. It also helps with the inflammation.

Patients who use the corticosteroidhormones must not take NSAIDS or colchicine at the same time. Adrenocorticotropichormone (ACTH) is given by injection in the muscle. Allopurinol and probenecidare good for prevention but not for the treatment of gout. Sulfinpyrazone decreasesthe quantity of uric acid in the body and, due to that, stops gout attacks from occurring. Losartan and fenofibrate are not made for gout treatment but are helpfulin maintaining the level of uric acid.

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