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What this acronym actually refers to is a condition in which the acid from our stomach tends to travel back right to our throat, and does so by going on its way to the throat by means of esophagus (tube connecting the stomach and the throat). The main side effect of this action is the occurrence of that awkward and gladly avoided heartburn. What initiates this entire process, and the acid reflux as well, is most commonly either eating heavy loads of food, or even bending forward once you are done eating. If you do experience this sensation, but only once in a while, you should not think that you suffer from a more severe form of it, because the main difference is that with the above mentioned conditions, the reflux of the stomach acid and the final form of this action-heartburn, are more lengthier and do appear more frequent.

The main reason for all the trouble with this condition is that the valve in our stomach, which is responsible for letting food in and out of the stomach, fails to close properly thus enabling all those stomach acids to flow right back into the esophagus and cause heartburn. As stated previously, what is considered to be the main side effect, or the main symptom, is the heartburn itself. The most commonly present sensations are those of burning, unbearable warmth and pain in the area right behind our breastbone. The most favorite time of attack is at night, while a person is giving their best to reach their cloud as soon as possible. The breastbone related aches should not be neglected and should be reported to your doctor, because there is a chance that this is initiated by a certain problem directly related to your heart. When it comes to the burning sensation initiated by GERD, it is initiated most usually when you are done with your meal or snack. As far as the pain originating from the heart is concerned, it is exhibited in the form of the pressure, heaviness, tightness, awkwardness and in the form of blunt pain.


The best treatments for this condition, and especially if it occurred for the first time, are considered to be the medications and various substances. Among these we can find different H2 blockers, then proton pump inhibitors, as well as pre/non-prescription medications and drugs which are the first treatment refuge for all. These medicines and therapies for GERD are employed for the purpose of the effective easing and soothing the symptoms of GERD. Along with this, they also enable a good regenerative recuperation to the esophagus. And least but not the least, they bring to a halt the further negative progression of the condition in question – GERD.

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