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Fertility tourism is becoming increasingly common, and India has emerged as one of the leaders in this field, especially when it comes to international surrogacy. Traveling to India to undergo fertility treatments might be tempting... but how will go go about finding the best fertility clinics? How are Indian fertility clinics regulated, and is the internet the best tool to locate fertility clinics for you? Do a quick Google search for Indian fertility clinics, and a long list of treatment centers will appear. On the whole, their websites looks shoddy and the procedures are explained in poor English.

This does not necessarily mean that the quality of an online presentation reflects the quality of medical treatment offered by these clinics, but it would certainly make me think twice about heading their for one of the most high-tech treatments anyone can receive. How about you? Apparently, more than 350 fertility clinics are currently operational in India. There are various reports about surrogacy and fertility regulations being introduced in the near future, but no indication as to when this will actually happen. In such a situation, who would know about the quality of fertility clinics?

Potential customers should of course ask questions about the clinic's conditions, how long it has been in existence, where their doctors were trained, and what kind of accreditation they have. They should also have a thorough look around, and if possible talk to previous patients at the same clinic. I don't have any experience with fertility clinics or surrogacy in India, but I do have a friend who has an Indian husband. They used to live near Calcutta, where their son was born by c-section. My friend told me how the spinal anesthesia was not properly administered, so she actually felt the incision being made. I have seen pictures of the hospital, and it doesn't make me feel safe! Fertility tourism is something to think long and hard about, especially if your safety and your baby's is not guaranteed in any way.

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