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One thing is for sure – teenage pregnancies happen more often now than ever before. Numerous factors contribute to this fact. Some of these are well known while some others are yet to get noticed by the public. Either way, the US takes the lead when it comes to teenage pregnancies for the time being. If you are interested to find out more about this common phenomenon among our youth, read on.

What Do Statistics Say?

Currently 79% of pregnancies take place while the couples are not married. In fact, most of the girls who had sexual intercourse while they were between 12 and 14 years old, claim that they were forced to do it. Speaking of forcing, the reason behind the involuntary intercourse usually lies behind the boyfriend's desire, or an unpredictable occurrence.

Most teenage pregnancies take place among Hispanic and African-American girls, again, when it comes to the US.

In general, teenage pregnancies are usually an obstacle too complicated to surpass, regarding education and other aspects of teenage life. Thus, many young mothers of this type are forced to drop out from school before they have a chance of getting a degree.

The Risks of Teenage Pregnancy

First of all, let us concentrate on the baby born from teenage pregnancy. There is an increased chance of this baby being born prematurely. Moreover, many of such babies appear to be weaker than the other infants. Also, during the life of this baby, he/she is likely to be neglected by the immature mother. This can lead to the child being bullied at school, performing badly during his/her education etc.

As for the mothers, they usually end up living on welfare. Also, in most cases, the teenage pregnancy happens as the product of the first sexual experience. Interestingly, many teenage mothers end up with yet another child during the first three years after the birth of their first.

Back to children, boys who grow up in these situations are likely to go to prison. On the other hand, girls brought up in the same conditions have a strong affinity towards becoming teenage mothers themselves.

Naturally, in cases where children grow up with both of their parents present, taking good are of them, these things are usually avoided.

Almost one third of all teenage pregnancies ends with abortion and even 14% of all pregnancies of this type turn out to be miscarriages.

Finally, teenage mothers usually face public rejection and lack of support, ending up living in poverty.

Facts and Misinterpretations Regarding Teenage Pregnancy

Usually, people think that under-aged fathers have no obligations towards the child. This is not true since they need to pay for the child support. As for getting pregnant, know that this is possible even during your period and that it is even easier to get pregnant when you are young.

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