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About Benign Tumors

Many people are found to suffer from benign tumors. Most ofthem don’t know about the tumor, because there might be no symptoms of anychange in the body, especially in early stages of the tumor. In most cases,tumors are found when the patient visit his or hers doctor for the check up orbecause of some other medical problem.

Benign tumors can be caused by genetic predisposition, mutations,ecology or some other diseases, and they can develop in almost any part of thehuman body. These tumors can appear in the lungs, ovaries, nose, kidneys orsome other tissues and organs in the body.

Recognize Symptoms of Benign Tumors

It is not easy to recognize symptoms of a benign tumor, andit is especially hard to distinguish and diagnose if it’s benign or malignanttumor in early stages of the development. The treatment is determined according to the symptomsand signs of the tumor, and there are cases where doctors don’t need to takeany actions.

Some of the characteristics of benign tumors are slowgrowth, no symptoms, no metastases and usually full recovery after resection. Benigntumors grow very slowly (sometimes for years) without being noticed by thepatients, since they don't affect patient’s general condition. These tumors don’tgive metastases and they very rarely turn into cancers. When these tumors showany symptoms, this is mainly because they moved or pressed some organ(s) nearthem, which caused certain signs, such as malfunction of the organ or somevisible changes on the body.

Benign tumors in the kidneys can vary in size, from one millimeterto several centimeters. Since there are usually no symptoms, there is no needfor any kind of treatment.

These tumors can also appear in the stomach, especially inthe group of middle aged men (40 to 50 years old). Women are less likely todevelop benign tumors in this part of the body.

In the lungs, benign tumors occur very rarely, while manywomen suffer from benign tumors of the ovaries. Genetic factors, sterility andhysteromyoma are risk factors which determine development of ovarian benigntumors. These tumors can cause belly growth, movement of the uterus and pain.

Benign tumors can also appear in the ears, nose, lips and larynx.Regular listening to some loud music exposes people to three times higherchance to develop benign tumors in the ears and hearing loss. When benigntumors appear in the nose, they may provoke breathing problems, headaches,bleeding and even some problems with the eyes. Infections of the larynx maycause benign tumors in this organ and lead to hoarseness. Smokers are found outto be more prone to development of benign tumors in the lip.

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