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Soy sauce comes from Japan and is very healthy for our body. It helps our digestive tract to digest food easier while soup with this sauce helps our stomach to produce more gastric juice. Also, soy sauce takes part in destroying some microorganisms that attack our body like Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella flexneri, Vibrio cholera, Salmonella enteritidis, nonpathogenic Escherichia coli and pathogenic E. coli. Soy sauce can be helpful with those individuals who are suffering from hypertension because of the component called angiotensin. Some soy sauces contain too much salt, which can be a problem for some individuals suffering from heart conditions. However, now you can purchase sauce without that much salt on many places.

Soy sauce and cancer

Some studies have shown that consumption of this sauce decreases risk of cancer. The study showed that animals who consumed soy sauce rarely developed liver cancer, because soy sauce helps our body to expel free radicals, which are responsible for malignant diseases. It also helps our body to increase the level of histamine, which helps us fight with the infections and allergies.

Iron fortification

There are a lot of varieties of soy sauce and their price is different, but it is important that it is available for individuals with lower incomes as well. People who need additional iron can use soy sauce for fortification. There were some other products that were used for fortification but their price was high. Today, the most common source of iron that is used is Ferrous sulphate and the main reason for that is its low price. Soy sauce can help in fortifying iron.

Other benefits of soy sauce

Some researches showed that dark soy sauce is extremely beneficial in repairing damaged cells, and that it is even better than wine or vitamin C, when it comes to this. Soy sauce is more powerful in fighting against free radicals in our body than any of the mentioned products. Even though soy sauce is very beneficial for our general health, those individuals who are suffering form high blood pressure should not use it in high quantity.

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