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We all know that exercises and activities are needed in order to have a healthy and strong body. But an important part of this plan is the fitness testing. In order to get the best possible results, you will have to lead a record of your progress. This will help you to have a general idea of the effects of the exercises and it can also boost the morale if the results are encouraging. These results are open to comparison with earlier results or with a general standard. The level of oxygen is very important in human body. The higher the level, the healthier is the body. And this level is the exact thing the fitness test measures. It measures the level of oxygen which can be taken during a certain period of time.
The fitness index value is the other name for the fitness test. It is the result we come up with, when we find a heart rate which corresponds to the highest workload a person can overcome. In some fitness equipment fitness tests can be found and performed. Such are for example Tunturi equipment. The recovery heart rate is a process which lasts two minutes. During these two minutes a person has to measure how long it will take for his pulse to return to normal after an exercise. Remember to avoid performing any kind of activities during these two minutes. You do not want to increase the heart rate by doing a certain activity. Another method is the two kilometer test, during which a person measures pulse and time needed to complete this distance. The test during which people run for twelve minutes is recommended only for fit people. T-Ware test last for two minutes. It is available on the treadmill or cycle ergo-meter. It will give you very specific results. There is a more specific kind of this test for aerobic fitness. It takes an individual close to the exhaustion point and then stops in order to perform calculations. It can be used by almost any person.
The biggest mistake a person, who wants to measure a fitness level, can make is to use a maximum heart rate for the test. By doing this, results will be overestimated or underestimated. But the T-Ware program will overcome even this problem, and give you a precise measurement. But remember that you should always perform the test in the most similar conditions. Changing the exercises and conditions can give the most contrastive results.

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