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Hearing aids are devices which enable sound amplification for people who suffer from minor or moderate hearing loss. These small devices can be worn inside or outside the ear. Unfortunately, hearing aids are not capable of restoring the sense of hearing to people who have lost it completely. Nevertheless, many other people with hearing problems can manage to hear properly once again with hearing aids.

Components of Hearing Aids

Each hearing aid device consists of a microphone, a sound amplifier and a speaker device. The microphone collects sounds from the outside, amplifies them through the amplifier and plays them back to the user via the speaker installed. Even though there are still models which are connected to the outside of one's ear, these are considered less aesthetically pleasing. Rather, people choose tiny hearing aids which are more or less unnoticeable, while, at the same time, being incredibly helpful.

Cell Phones and Hearing Aids

In order for a cell phone to be compatible with a certain type of hearing aid, it should not emit specific RF interference. This is an absolute necessity and all phones are required to meet these conditions. There are several ratings by which cell phones are classified, regarding their compatibility with hearing aids.

If a cell phone is rated T, or T4, it is the most compatible phone to be used with hearing aids. M rating is all about microphone usage with cell phones. Thus, those with M ratings of 3 or 4 are all suitable to be used by people with hearing aids, since they have reduced interference.

Also, there is the RF rating which, in fact, combines the T and the M ratings in a single device. Since mobile phones use radio frequency signals in order to establish connections and receive signals, they emit sounds which may clash with certain hearing aids. However, if a cell phone is rated M4/T4 it is more than safe to be used by people with hearing aids. Moreover, these phones come with adequate hands-free systems too.

Finally, you need to pay attention to magnetic interference as well, opting for cell phones with maximal protection in this respect. Skip all phones which have no values of this type mentioned on the box or in the instructions, because these are likely to be incompatible with your hearing aid.

Try before you buy, and make sure that you are making the right choice. Search the Internet for reviews and other people's opinions on a specific mobile phone and its ratings before actually buying one.

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