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Devastating Statistics

Almost every person on the face of this planet possesses a cell phone these days. These devices have become parts of our lives, enabling us constant communication with each other. In fact there are 208 million cell phones being used in the US, along with the 1.9 billion cell phones used in the rest of the world.

Yet, many researches have repeatedly shown that long-term usage of cell phones is known to cause brain cancer, eye cancer and many other health complications. Still, there exists a lack of evidence and by the time researchers collect enough data to prove that cell phones are bad for our health 500,000 people will have suffered from the side-effects, with 50,000 cases yet to come yearly.

So, extended cell phone usage can cause hypertension, headaches, brain tumors, cancer, Alzheimer's disease and various other illnesses, some more severe than others. Thus, until the eyes of the world are opened and cell phones improved in order to emit less radiation, you need to protect yourself well and stay healthy by following the instructions listed below.

Keep Yourself Safe from Cell Phone Radiation

First of all, make your calls short. Keep the length of cell phone conversations limited to 2 minutes. Anything longer will influence the natural electrical activity of your brain for an hour afterwards. Secondly, keep your children away from cell phones except in cases of emergency. They have more sensitive bodies, especially skull areas and, thereby, the radiation can make more damage in their case.

Next, wearing airtube headsets will keep your head safe. Note that these are not regular, wired headsets since those even amplify the radiation delivered directly to your ear canal.

Additionally, try not to carry your cell phone in your pocket or your belt area while you are using it or keeping it on. These skin areas are very sensitive and can absorb radiation easily. Moreover, wearing cell phones near your groin area has been proven to decrease sperm count in males.

Whenever you happen not to have a headset nearby, wait for phone to start ringing, answer and then place the device on your ear. Also, avoid using cell phones in metal surroundings like elevators because there these devices need more power in order to establish a connection and all the radiation gets deflected around, back to you. Having said that, avoid making calls when the reception is bad.

When you are choosing cell phones to buy, choose those which are classified as emitting low radiation, being scientifically validated. You can also protect yourself further by purchasing a validated EMF protection device too.

Finally, keep eating healthy and lead a physically active life, helping your body protect itself against harmful radiation.

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