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If a person is diagnosed with appendicitis, most likely thetreatment will require the removal of the inflamed appendix, which means thatthe person in question will have to undergo a surgery. In this way, the chancesthat the appendix will rupture are minimized, which at the same time reducesthe chances of further unwanted complications. Appendectomy can be performed asa laparoscopic operation or as open surgery, and the first option is usuallychosen more frequently because it is less invasive, the recovery time isshorter and the scarring is less than in cases of open surgery.

Recovery time after appendectomy

Just as it is the case with the greatest majority ofsurgeries, the recovery time and tempo after this one also depend on severalfactors. The age of the patient, the presence of complications and the overallcondition prior to the surgery, are only some of them. What also influences thetime needed for recovery is the type of the procedure. In cases of laparoscopicappendectomy, the patient might feel postoperative pain for 12 hours after thesurgery and he will be required to stay in the hospital for a day, while incases of open appendectomy, the pain might persist for as long as 36 hours. Asidefrom this, the approximate time that needs to be spent in the hospital afterwardsis up to 3 days.

The following 10 to 28 days are of crucial importance forthe recovery, and during this period, the patient needs to take special care of oneself and follow the advice and instructions given by the doctor. Otherwise, theperiod of recovery might only prolong and certain complications might arise,which is definitely not what anyone would want.

Care and measures of precaution during recovery

Even though the surgery is not complicated, the person needsto rest as much as possible afterwards, particularly during the first week ortwo. Any strenuous activity should be avoided in the next two weeks at least,but this also depends on the type of the surgery. The doctor needs to beconsulted before continuing with normal activity.

In cases of children who go to school, it is particularly necessaryto make sure that they are ready to go back, and additional attention is neededregarding their exertion in sports. Nutrition requires some changes, but it isimportant to take in all the necessary nutrients, particularly those that canhelp the body to regenerate faster and the immune system to be stronger.

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