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Some most people would put on a pimple cream or something similar, but not all some women pop a contraceptive pill. I know quite some women who woe contraceptive pill because they are great for their skin yup, they pop it every day despite the fact they are single the pill is good for their skin The pill may have several other benefits for female body. For example, the pill may alleviate breast tenderness before the menstrual bleeding, it may reduce heavy menstrual bleeding or it may regulate abnormal menstrual bleeding (this does not mean the cause of an abnormal menstrual bleeding is healed), it reduces bloatedness, and irregular or painful menses and it may heal your skin of acne.

And there are women's health experts who actually promote the pill as being an all in one pill of health benefits. I admit, I never took the pill, but I know many girls that did... I don't think that I stand in front the wall of misconception about the pill: I know the situation today is much more different than it was in 60ties when the pill was introduced and when the pill had many side effects such as headaches, vomiting, weight gain and irregular bleeding, caused due to the high dosage of ethinyl estradiol in the early pills. The situation today is different. The pill today usually contains two hormones that act by preventing ovulation: estrogen and progesterone. They have fewer side effects and several studies even prove that the Pill may potentially protect against several women-related cancers.

For example, a research that was conducted by Oxford University suggested that the use of contraceptive pills substantially reduces a woman's risk of ovarian cancer by 20 per cent for every five years that she has been on the pill. Additionally, women who take pill for 15 years cut their risk by half. Yes, the pill has many benefits, but some experts believe the birth control isn't for everyone. Some experts believe that artificial tweaking of hormones can result in hormonal imbalance and other problems. What many people aren't aware is the fact that hormonal imbalance can be caused by lifestyle: by the food we eat. For example we are constantly assaulted by estrogens from the food that we eat and they do cause imbalance in our bodies.

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