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About 15% of USA population suffers from gluten intolerance. This condition is characterized by various symptoms, which mainly depend on a person affected by gluten intolerance. Gluten intolerance develops over years, and people experiencing it usually found about the problem, after an injury, emotional trauma, infection or some other serious problem they have. Pregnancy and surgical procedures are also known to bring the gluten intolerance out in the open.

The possible causes of this medical condition include: lack of breastfeeding and also excessive anxiety. Person affected by gluten intolerance is not able to tolerate negative effects of gluten, even if something containing gluten was accidentally eaten. This condition is very similar to celiac disease, but the symptoms are different. This condition might present a real threat to the health, since people suffering from gluten intolerance and not receiving any treatment might be exposed to a greater risk of developing serious diseases. A person suffering from gluten intolerance could develop diabetes mellitus, anemia and osteoporosis. Another disease linked to gluten intolerance is bowel cancer and the studies have shown that this condition is more common among untreated gluten intolerance patients.

Gluten Intolerance Symptoms

Weight changes are some of the first symptoms of gluten intolerance. A person may lose or gain some weight, without changing anything in their eating or exercising habits. Malnutrition, abdominal pain, cramps, numbness, stomach problems, and even constipation and diarrhea could also indicate gluten intolerance. People experiencing this condition might often feel very nervous or overexcited, and could also experience anger, headaches, tiredness or even impotency. Joint pain, skin inflammation and dental problems can also be some of the signs of gluten intolerance. Women may have some menstrual problems or experience miscarriage, if and when they happen to develop gluten intolerance. Babies suffering from this medical condition could be slow growing, and parents should be aware of that fact.

What Can You Do About Gluten Intolerance Symptoms

Sometimes, you can witness the situation when a person suffering from gluten intolerance ingested some gluten food. In this situation, don’t try to induce vomiting, because symptoms might be even worse than usual. Sometimes, a person may be given some enzymes, but the efficacy will depend on a period of ingestion of gluten source. When somebody experiences gluten intolerance symptoms, the best thing to do is to consult he doctor. Some things, recommended online or in the magazines, may seriously damage your health, and you should not base you treatment on them. The doctor will examine you and order a blood test, to find antibodies to gluten in it. Relieving the stress and tension in your everyday life has proven to be very beneficial for people suffering from gluten intolerance.

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