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It would be nice to say that most of the people live happily with not many problems in their lives. Unfortunately, the situation is far from perfect and there are a lot of factors that can easily disrupt the harmony in any home. This is thanks to vices people turn to for various reasons. Abuse of alcohol and drugs is what tears families and homes apart. Sadly, this is something that happens in all societies on all continents.

Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol is a cancer of society because it is easily available and relatively cheap. And even though many countries are trying to fight this problem by increasing prohibitions rules and price and taxes, it is still not enough. There is additional problem emerging, which might be even more dangerous for the society and that is the fact that young people, teenagers and even older children are drinking. The percentage of these groups is small comparing to the total number of people who abuse alcohol, but it is constantly growing. And that is a problem that might need a bit more help from the governments of those countries.

The problem

What is one of the problems with alcohol and drugs? They are both dangerous, although many will say without a second of thinking that using drugs is much more dangerous than anything else. This is because physical and mental addictions are created. And while alcohol will create strong mental addiction, drugs induce both addictions, so it is very hard to get rid of them both. Also, alcohol users will have health issues that might lead into serious liver problems, but that might or might not happen. And if it does happen, it usually takes years of alcohol use until a person reaches that stage. With drugs, things are a bit different because there is strong psychological effect present, which can create havoc in a user's life, but not only that, it usually creates chaos for the user's family and friends.

So what about alcohol and drug treatment – there is nothing to lose when it comes to abusers, and a lot to gain, if the therapy proves to be successful. But this is far from easy. Sometimes, a person willingly goes for the treatment, but sometimes, an intervention is needed. Whatever the case, the biggest problem is with mental addiction, since this is something that will create problems even when the therapy is long gone, when a person thinks that everything is fine and in the past. This is why these two addictions are very dangerous, and even if a person is clean at the moment, things can change drastically overnight.

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