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The human body is really marvelous; it is of a verycomplex structure, comprised of many complex body systems. Each body system is made of many organs and every part of the body has its function and iswell coordinated with other parts.

The human body has its own defense mechanism andalso secretes many substances that are necessary for a proper functioning ofthe whole body. Various glands and organs in the body produce hormones, enzymes,proteins and other substances without which we cannot live. Furthermore, by measuringthe levels of these substances in the body, we can detect if any disease is present. Albumin is a protein present in the blood plasma. Theliver is the gland that produces it. The main function of this protein is tomaintain the growth of tissues in the body, as well as to help in repairing thebody’s tissues.

Albumin test

When doctors order albumin test, they do that inorder to check the functioning of the liver, as well as the nutritional statusof the patient. Albumin test is usually performed when a person showscertain signs of liver disorder, such as jaundice, swollen eyes, swollen abdomen,or swollen legs, as well as weight loss and fatigue. When the test shows that the level of this proteinis decreased, it indicates that there is albumin deficiency, probably due to malnutrition.However, when the level of albumin is considerably low, it means that liverdisease is present.

When albumin appears in urine, it indicates that thekidneys are unable to stop the leakage of albumin from the blood into theurine. The main causes of low albumin levels are certainmedical conditions, such as lupus, arthritis, shock, celiac disease and malnutrition. Furthermore, the level of albumin may be low due to dehydrationand acute diarrhea. It is also consideredthat certain drugs, such as androgens, anabolic steroids, insulin and growthhormone, may lead to the occurrence of low albumin levels.

The prealbumin test is used to measure the level ofthis protein and to assess the nutritional status of the patient. On theother side, microalbumin test, which is also known as urine albumin test, isused to measure very small changes in the albumin levels in the urine.

Normal levels of albumin

It is considered that the normal levels of thisprotein are between 3.6 and 5.0 grams per deciliter. Since the liverfunctioning is slower in elderly people, the normal level of albumin isconsequently a bit lesser than in healthy adults.

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