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Pregnancy is not an illness, and most women who are expecting a baby are capable of continuing with their lives just the way they normally would. But, a pregnant woman's centre of gravity shifts as her baby bump grows, and these relatively sudden changes may be hard to keep up with. There are some activities that have risks of falling, that you may prefer to stay away from while you're pregnant.

Doing work on a ladder. Have you been hit by the nesting instinct? Painting and decorating, especially of the baby's nursery, is highly appealing! But beware doing stuff high up on a ladder, particularly an unsteady ladder, can be quite dangerous. Do it while someone else is also around, or get that somebody else to actually do it for you.

Skiing is a great activity for the first trimester, when the fresh air may help you combat morning sickness. But skiing with a huge pregnant belly may be asking for trouble, unless you are a really good skier with a lot of experience. The same goes for ice-skating, water-skiing, snowboarding, roller-skating, skate boarding and other things in the same category.

Horseback riding is another activity that is quite likely to have you falling down. In addition, the risk of actually being injured if you fall is not that low. Martial arts like karate, judo, and so on often include falling down. You may not have to stay away from practicing your sport completely, but you should make sure you don't engage in activities that place your baby at risk.

Rock-climbing, going up the Mount Everest or even Mount Average, and rope-walking can also be rather dangerous during pregnancy. Please note: We only listed some activities that have the risk of falling. Generally, exercising common sense will do you just fine. And of course, there are plenty of dangerous things that you shouldn't do while you are pregnant but that don't include a risk of falling, like carting, bungee jumping, or jumping off a cliff, parachuting, paragliding, and so on.

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