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Acne and the main causes

This skin disorder, which can practically affect people ofall age and both genders, tends to cause emotional distress in the majority ofthose who are affected, particularly in cases that are more severe in nature. Theculprits for their occurrence are various, but most commonly they are closelyconnected with overproduction of sebum and buildup of bacteria. Hormones,heredity, various medications might also contribute to their occurrence, whilechocolate and greasy food do not play that significant role, even though manypeople think differently. Dirt is also not a cause, which means that washingand scrubbing the affected parts of the body more often and more thoroughlywill not help in getting rid of them. The treatment will depend on the severityof the case and on the cause.

Acne free benzoyl products

Even though there are numerous products that are intendedfor the treatment of acne, the problem is to find the right one, particularlywhen having in mind that every single one of them is advertised as the best andfastest solution to the problem. Experimenting until finding the best might bea possible option, but then again, it might also aggravate the problem more. Thisis why dermatologists should be consulted and asked for advice or help.

Products that contain benzoyl peroxide are particularlypopular and widely available, since for them no prescription is necessary. Thisingredient as well as products that contain it proved to be effective in milderand some moderate cases, which is why it should definitely be tried. However,it might take some time before the first results become visible, and it isrecommended to begin with the 2.5 gel because the concentration might needto be increased later, when the skin gets used to it. Besides gel, some body washproducts contain benzoyl peroxide as well, and they are suitable for cases ofbody acne.

However, there are some side effects of the products withthis ingredient and people should be aware of them. For example, if redness,dryness, burning or itching appear, it is necessary to stop using the productbecause the skin is obviously too sensitive. It is for of this reason thatpeople are recommended not to begin the treatment with products that containhigh concentration of benzoyl peroxide. Still, good thing is that these sideeffects do not occur often and they are not a serious threat to one's health.

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