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Acid reflux - a problem that does not only affect the adults

The fact is that even though it is far from being a life threatening condition, acid reflux is a very uncomfortable problem for adults. However, when it affects a baby, it is much more than just uncomfortable and it is much more difficult to deal with it, particularly due to the fact that it is not easy to diagnose this condition in their cases. This is why besides some symptoms that might point out to acid reflux, various tests will have to be performed in order to be sure. Some of them even check the acidity levels in the baby’s esophagus, and as a last resort, the procedure called endoscopy needs to be performed.

However, the symptoms that the parents should pay attention to are baby’s refusals to eat, eating in very small amounts, constant crying, more than occasional hiccups and coughing, and poor gaining of weight or even weight loss. Due to acid reflux, sudden and stiff arching of the back will be noticeable in the infant, as well as problems with sleeping at night due to the hunger, irritability or the pain that the baby feels in the stomach area. Babies who suffer from acid reflux tend to drool from the corners of the mouth and they frequently regurgitate the ingested milk.

How to help a baby who suffers from acid reflux?

It is a common thing that the baby will spit up after having been fed, and the reason why this occurs is the fact that reflux is something normal during the first three months. There is no rule how long it will take for this problem to disappear because it is individual, but in the majority of cases it goes away until the baby turns 1 year. This is why it is recommended for parents to hold the baby upright as long as possible after feeding, as well as to feed the baby in a more upright position because then the acid will not be able to get to the baby’s mouth that easily.

Smaller meals are a much better choice in infants with this problem, as well as with adults because the stomach will digest the food more easily. In case none of these suggestions help, it is recommended to seek medical help. Since one of the possible causes of acid reflux can also be an infection, in such cases, it is necessary to treat and eliminate it.

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