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Basically, the only way to prevent pregnancy completely is by not having sex at all. The process of not having sex is called abstinence. Thus, those who are practicing this form of abstinence are people who do this for a wide variety of reasons, some being contraception.

If you desire to learn more about the ways of abstinence and its power to prevent pregnancy, read on.

Effective Birth Control

The logic behind abstinence is quite simple – when two people do not have sex, the sperm does not reach the egg and cannot fertilize it. However, some people are not prepared to go through this process and refrain from sex completely. Rather, they choose alternative contraception measures such as condoms, diaphragms, menstrual cycle management and birth control pills.

Yet, abstinence is a much safer form of birth control since no side-effect and health problems may occur due to it. Plus, it is the only 100% sure way of not being impregnated, while all the other methods can never guarantee this to such an extent.

Virgins are not the only women who practice this form of abstinence. Namely, many women who have had sex before decide not to have it anymore in order to prevent pregnancy. Also, the abstinence can keep the person protected from all STDs which can be contracted from unprotected sex and sex with multiple partners.

Even though abstinence on its own cannot prevent AIDS, hepatitis B and C as well as some other STDs, it can keep you safe from them, at least from the sexual transmission point of view. In fact, sexual abstinence is nothing strange, even though many people may be against it, considering it limiting.

We are taught that sex is a natural part of the social life of human beings. The vast majority of TV programs, the media and all the peer pressure around us force us to believe that sex is the thing we should pursue. People, especially teenagers and adolescents, tend to mock their peers for not having sex, considering them less manly or womanly. This, of course is nonsense and having sex as soon as you are biologically capable of withstanding this is not a must. Sex is a freedom of choice and preference and every single human being should respect the attitudes of another one regarding this activity.

Apart from staying protected from sexually transmitted diseases, people might turn to sexual abstinence in order to honor their personal, moral, religious or other beliefs. Others may simply desire to have sex only after they have found a partner for life and have gone through the process of engaging into the institution of holy matrimony. Furthermore, some people may want to focus on finishing education or pursuing careers, rather than being set back by problems and pressures related to seeking sexual partners and having sex.

Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Most STDs are contracted through various forms of sex, including anal, oral and genital sex. Moreover, even close physical contact without the actual penetration may result in a sexually transmitted disease.

Since all these things may lead to STDs, which can trigger various health problems, people who choose complete abstinence actually choose to be completely safe. Every action close to sex, let alone the sex itself may cause various health issues and people who do not desire to suffer from these ever in their lives may rest assured that abstinence will protect them.

Do not think that not having sex is the same as not being in a relationship. Relationships can function just fine without sex, focusing on other forms of affection and bonding.

Of course, if you do desire to have sex and still keep the STDs at bay, there are alternative methods of contraception helping you achieve this. Condoms can be bought literary everywhere and are considered to be one of the simplest and most thorough protections, preventing both pregnancy and diseases. There are special types of condoms which can be used by women too. On the other hand, if you do not want to leave the whole responsibility on your partner, you can have an intrauterine device installed inside your body, disallowing the pregnancy to take place. These devices are also known as diaphragms.

Using the birth control pills in order to control your menstrual periods and prevent pregnancy is also a good method. However, it should be combined with condoms or other forms of birth protection in order for the effectiveness to be increased.

Finally, if you do not want to get involved in all those risky endeavors or are simply too young for having sex, listen to your instincts and wait, practicing abstinence. The time will come when you will be ready for sex and then you may start thinking about it again.

Abstinence is a process of not having sex. People choose this for many reasons, predominantly keeping themselves protected from STDs and avoiding getting pregnant when they are not ready for becoming parents.

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