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Genital herpes is a persistent viral infection which can be transferred through unprotected sex or some other methods. Either way, a successful treatment for this infection is long and it takes a lot of time for an individual to get treated. Moreover, genital herpes has symptoms which are painful and embarrassing, affecting people negatively both on their emotional and physical plan.

Therefore, prevention of herpes is much better than treatment of it. Practice safe sex and make sure you stay away from this virus by following a healthy lifestyle with a single partner.

Protecting Yourself from Herpes

Using condoms is the most common way of protecting yourself while having sex. In facts, condoms keep both you and your partner free from many sexual diseases, including genital herpes. However, in order for the condoms to be affective, the male needs to put it on before the sexual contact takes place. Also, there are both male and female condoms to choose from. Therefore, whenever you have a new partner, before you are sure that he/she is free of any sexually transmitted diseases, make sure you use the condom.

Additionally, if you feel tingling or burning in the genital area, you are advised not to practice sex since an outbreak of a sexually transferred disease may be at hand.

Pregnancy and Herpes

If pregnant woman suffers from genital herpes, she may infect the newborn as well, leading to serious illnesses and infections which can be potentially life-threatening. Therefore, preventing herpes during pregnancy is crucial.

In order to do this, inform your doctor about any previous herpes outbreaks you might have had. Also, tell your doctor if there are any current herpes outbreaks you might be suffering from. Naturally, stay safe during sexual intercourse by using condoms. Additionally, since cold sores are also types of the herpes virus, avoid indulging into oral sex with a person suffering from these.


Use antiviral medications to prevent herpes from affecting you. Using Zovirax or Acyclovir for 4 weeks will either reduce the outbreak of your existing herpes infection or deal with the herpes completely.


Finally, personal hygiene is crucial when it comes to protecting yourself from herpes. Therefore, wash your hands often and make sure your body is clean and safe, especially when you are caring for your baby.

All in all, herpes can be prevented when treated timely. So, do not wait enough to deal with an ongoing infection. Rather, protect yourself from herpes completely and do not allow it to reach your body.

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