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Most people today are well aware of how the conception occurs and how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. This, however, has not always been the case and throughout the centuries women have used traditional methods of contraception that were anything but efficient.

Surprisingly, some of those traditional or folk methods are still in use among some people, who seem to deeply believe and rely on them. Here are some of those unconventional methods that simply do not work.

Carbonated drinks

The assumption that using carbonated drinks can prevent unwanted pregnancy after having unprotected sex is one of the most popular ones. According to this method, a can of Coca-Cola, Sprite or any other carbonated drink is supposed to be shaken violently and then sprayed into the vaginal cavity. The acidic content of those beverages is supposed to kill the sperm cells. This, of course, is not true, which has even been proven in the popular TV show, “Mythbusters”.


The myth about preventing the pregnancy by rinsing the vagina comes in many forms. The options include taking a shower or a bath immediately after sexual intercourse, using different liquids introduced inside the vagina with a douche, or even urinating. The fluids are supposed to wash out the sperm and thus prevent pregnancy. While this may have some psychological effect, the rinsing method is absolutely useless when it comes to preventing the conception.

The withdrawal method

The withdrawal method or coitus interruptus is one of the most popular and most commonly used birth control methods. It does offer a certain level of protection, because the penis is pulled out of the vagina before the sperm is released following the male orgasm. The problem is, however, that there is always some amount of fluid being released from the penis even before the orgasm, and that fluid contains sperm cells too, and there is a small chance those will reach the egg and fertilize it.

Other inefficient birth control methods

Some people believe that a woman has to have an orgasm in order to become pregnant. This is, of course, completely false, as orgasm has nothing to do with the fertilization of the egg.

There are also those who think that having sex in certain positions will make it impossible to achieve pregnancy. Some go as far as to claim that having sex standing up in a closet on a night of full moon is the most efficient way to avoid getting pregnant. There are tens of dozens of similar examples of popular beliefs on this subject, and most of them, if not all, are false, just like the ones mentioned here.

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