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Smoking and children is a combination that simplyshould not exist. Unfortunately, children are often victims of second hand smokeand this is something that endangers their health drastically.

When a child is sick, parents take it to the pediatrician. So, if there is a doctor who spends 3, 4 or more year after basic studies specializingin dealing with child’s medical problems, this tells us that body of a childfunctions in a slightly different way than those of adults. And one of thebiggest differences is the strength of the immune system. Depending on the age,children still have to deal with some medical conditions and some of those donot harm adults much, but can be very problematic for a child. This also goesfor unhealthy habits, not only child’s but also those of child’s parents.


One of those bad habits that parents practice is smoking.Unfortunately, most of the time they do it at home, in front of a child. Mostof those parents are really careful in the beginning, but as the child grows,they loosen up, thinking that smoke will not have the same effect as when thatchild was just a little baby. And they are right, but still, smoke can cause alot of medical issues and simply should not be something a child has to sufferfrom. What should be known about smoking and children? They should simply notbe in any kind of connection.

There are also some psychological effects that should bementioned in this situation. First of all, children of a smoking parent are more likelyto start smoking than children who grow in non-smoking environment. A childwho grows in smoke will become used to its smell, to yellowish fingers and badbreath, morning coughing and all other symptoms that parents show. There is alsoincreased risk of getting affected by some medical conditions thanks to thatsmoke. Those conditions include throat issues, pneumonia, all sorts ofinfections and even sudden infant death syndrome. It sounds serious, especiallythe last mentioned condition, and the situation actually is very serious and dangerous,for a child at least. So, what should be done?

The answer

It is obvious - the parent or parents should quit smoking because of their own health and because of the health of their child. Also, by quitting, the parent willset a great example for their child, a child will learn that everything in lifeis achievable if a person really wants it and if prepared to show some effort.

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