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Bedwetting in children is not something strange and firstly heard of. It is quite normal in children and it may even affect the adults as well. Nocturnal enuresis is the medicinal name for the bedwetting at night and in children, it is normal until they reach 3 years of age because in the first three years since the childbirth, the urinary sphincter is not completely formed and mature. Therefore, the babies usually urinate while they are sleeping and they are not aware of it.

Bedwetting in children at night may be either primary or secondary. While primary enuresis is marked by bedwetting from the childbirth, secondary enuresis is developed after about 6 months as a consequence of several factors. In some cases, unconscious bedwetting becomes so frequent that it does not only disturb the parents, but it has a bad impact on the child’s health also, particularly if this does not stop after the child’s 3 years of age.

Causes of bedwetting in children

Bedwetting is a condition that can be inherited, meaning that the children of the parents who dealt with the same problem when they were that young, may also have the same problems. Therefore, genetic factors are among the prime causes for the incidence of primary enuresis, and the problem has a tendency to disappear with aging.

Another reason for the occurrence of bedwetting is underdeveloped bladder, which is not a problem since the bladder muscles become fully developed and mature after three years of age. Therefore, the child will have this problem of involuntary urination until his bladder muscles are developed completely.

Nocturnal enuresis is frequent in children due to their dreams full of scary things, which leads to the incidence of bedwetting at night. Some children even when they wake up and have the urge to pee just do not go to the toiled because they are still scared remembering the dream. It is considered that this reason for bedwetting is the most frequent and that the child’s mental state influences nocturnal enuresis.

Peeing in sleep is a quite common condition in many children if they drink plenty of water or other fluids before sleeping.

Treatment of bedwetting in children

If bedwetting is not caused by some medical condition, there is no medication that can be given to the children to solve the problem. However, the parents of the child who frequently bedwets should avoid giving much of water to the child before sleeping and they should awake the child at night and take him/her to pee.

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