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People may have different eye problems and experience tiredness of the eyes, itching or blurry vision. However, there are more serious conditions that probably will not pass on their own, such as abnormal sensitivity to light.

This eye disorder is also known as photophobia. The person suffering from this problem feels very uncomfortable when exposed to light. The sensation is very similar to experience you might have when coming out of a dark room into intense sunlight. If you do not have any eye problems, your eyes will get used to the intensity of light and it will not be a problem for more than just a few seconds. However, photophobia lasts and the sensitivity and discomfort do not go away.

Squinting and closing the eyes are the most natural reactions to exposure to intense light. Some people might experience additional eye problems like headaches due to photophobia, while others may complain about serious eye pain.Causes of Light Sensitivity

Diseases and drugs are the most probable causes of photophobia. In fact, any situation known to cause pupil dilation and leading to entrance of excessive amount of light into the eye can be responsible for abnormal light sensitivity. Many cocaine users are very sensitive to light and they can be seen wearing sunglasses at any time of the day. Besides illegal drugs, some prescription ones may also provoke this condition, so if you are complaining about photophobia, do not forget to mention any medications you have been using to your doctor.

Inflammation of front portion of the eye and iris is frequently found to be a cause of photophobia. Light color of the eyes and albinism (complete deficiency of a specific pigment) can be also associated with this problem, as well as some migraine headaches, which often lead to extreme sensitivity to smell, noise, glare and light.

Meningitis, botulism, uveitis (inflammation of the uvea, the middle coat of the eyeball) and corneal abrasion may also cause light sensitivity. Retinal detachment and cataract are additional explanations of photophobia.

Photophobia Treatment

People sensitive to light will squint or close their eyes when exposed to any bright light (artificial or sunlight). However, this problem should be properly diagnosed and treated, so you will need to visit your doctor.

Patients who had some kind of injury or surgery of the eye(s) may also be sensitive to the light and that is considered normal and will heal after a while. If your doctor concluded photophobia is initiated by some drugs you have been taking, then it is time to quit using them. Finally, all other eye conditions and other diseases require specific approach and treatment.

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