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Untold nutritional secrets

There are plenty of things people do not know about nutrition. Lots of people doubt that by consuming the right nutrients a person can fight off infections and prevent diseases. On the other hand, everybody agrees that a person can lose weight and build up muscle mass by eating the proper foods.

How much protein does a person need

Protein should be in every diet because it plays an important role in several body functions. Protein is gained from animals and plants. When a person consumes the protein, it will either be used in growth and repair or burned for energy. A person who is into sports should intake 1 gram of protein per 1lb of his or her total body weight every day.

Protein cycling

A person needs to balance the intake of protein because 0.75 g is not enough if a person exercises and if a person consumes 3 g of protein per pound the body will automatically start to eliminate the excess protein.
In order to avoid this from happening a person can increase the protein intake in steps. In this way the body will need to compensate by increasing the efficiency for the absorption of protein and amino acids.

Why the carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are important because they give energy to the body, fiber for disease prevention and taste to foods. Fruits, vegetables, potatoes and cereals are known to contain a lot of fiber. A person should consume between 4 and 12 grams of carbohydrates for every pound of his or her body weight.

Super foods

The other name for super foods is functional foods. Apart from all the health benefits these foods have, people usually use them to fight off a certain disease or condition. Some of the popular super foods are vitamins, minerals, supplements and herbals.

Vitamins and minerals

In most cases a person intakes the needed amount of vitamins and minerals through his or her diet but in some cases there is need for additional supplements.


Some of the herbals that are very popular at the moment are gingko, St John's Wart and Echinacea. These herbals are not lifesavers but they do help a person to be less affected by colds, memory failures, blue moods and such.


Lots of people wonder if they should use the supplements or not. There are various reasons why people want to use them in the first place. Most people take them because they do not get enough nutrients from the diet.
Before buying the supplement a person should carefully read the label and talk to the doctor.

Good fats

A person who consumes only the good fats will look and feel better. Nuts, seeds, fish and avocados have high amounts of good fats.

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