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Phone Hypnosis?

Many people start feeling strange once hypnosis over the phone is mentioned as an alternative method of this therapeutic procedure. Namely, they do not believe that such thing can possibly be effective.

However, whenever we are subjected to hypnosis, we have no need to look at the hypnotist's eyes or to pay attention to any visual stimuli. Contrary to popular beliefs, all we need to do is to close our eyes and relax, making the voice we hear the primary stimulus which can get us into the desired state of hypnosis.

So, forget all your prejudice about the art of hypnosis, find a comfortable chair which will provide you with adequate relaxation, grab a phone, call the right number and enjoy an effective hypnosis session.

This kind of hypnosis, as well as any other kind, can be used for altering your habits and negative traits. Thus, it can help you become less stressed, more concentrated, capable of quitting smoking etc. Either way, through phone hypnosis, you can achieve many goals which are bound to be beneficial for you.

Facts about Hypnosis over the Phone

Even though most of us consider hypnosis to be something strange, even obscure, we are hypnotized more than once every single day. Namely, whenever we are daydreaming we are in a state of hypnosis. This is only the tip of the iceberg since there are many other cases where we passively flow into the sate of being hypnotized.

Phone hypnosis price can range between $90 and $200 per session. Therefore, take this as a guideline and do not settle for more than this. Usually, you are to pay with your credit card or a debit card. The best way is to pay for each session separately. This way you will have further control over both your money and the services you are offered.

Make sure you are using a landline connection and the type of phone which guarantees that. Cell phones can have connection problems and offer a lower signal quality. Taking into consideration that you need to hear the voice loud and clear, you are best off with the landline connection.

Moreover, you may opt for Skype or a similar method of internet telephone because, in cases of long-distance calls, you are covering the expenses. Knowing that the session may last up to two hours, it is best to choose less expensive methods like this one.

Do not forget to check the background of the therapist you are dealing with. Make sure he/she is certified, with proper education and enough practice in the field. They need to be licensed and this is only possible in Indiana and New York.

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