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The importance of iodine

The fact is that the human body needs a number of nutrients inorder to function properly and be healthy. One of such nutrients is alsoiodine, which is primarily of essential importance for the functioning of allglands. The reason why they need it is the production of the thyroid hormones,which are important for a number of body functions and processes, as well asfor proper growth and development of the human body. Natural sources of this tracemineral are seafood, iodized salt and some vegetables, although they are onlygrown in the soils that are rich in iodine. However, when having in mind thefact that a person needs only one teaspoon of iodine during entire life andthat eating fish once a week should be enough to fulfill the body’s needs forthis nutrient, it is very important to make sure that the body does not lack it. Theconsequences of iodine deficiency can be more than serious, particularly theconsequences of long-term iodine deficiency.

Symptoms of iodine deficiency

According to some statistics, the symptoms of iodinedeficiency are more frequently seen in women than in men, although olderchildren tend to develop them a bit more frequently. Enlarged thyroid, also called goiter, isonly one of the possible problems, while others are Hashimoto’s disease, Graves’disease, impaired function of the immune system, mental retardation, andaccording to some studies, the risk of developing breast and stomach cancer isalso increased due to iodine deficiency. The characteristics of these diseasesare enlarged thyroid gland, which might make breathing and swallowing moredifficult, brittle nails, dry hair, even loss of hair, pale skin, anemia,gaining of weight, constipation, poor memory, weakness and tiredness,thickening of the skin, infertility, problems with menstrual cycles, loss ofhearing. In cases of pregnant women, the consequences that the infants mightexperience due to iodine deficiency are more than serious, and sometimes evenpermanent, which is why pregnant women should particularly make sure that they takein sufficient amounts of iodine. The baby’s growth, speech, hearing, and mentaldevelopment might be seriously impaired, and this is even possible in cases ofmild iodine deficiency. However, all these problems can be prevented rathereasily, which is why it is important to get all the necessary information aboutsources of iodine, and if necessary, to take iodine supplements, or moreprecisely, multi-vitamins that contain this mineral as well.

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