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Massage Chairs

Massage chairs have undergone serousadvancements since they first came onto the marked, offered to peoplewho desire to lead a healthy life full of occasional relaxation. TheOmega Montage Elite is one of the finest massage chairs available. Infact, all massage chairs should possess certain qualities, serving asdistinctive features when it comes to quality of this kind of aproduct. The following lines will, therefore, give their best topresent all the positive aspects of this product, analyzing all ofits features and giving an overview of this product as a whole.

Omega Montage Elite Overview

Massage chairs, however good they mightbe, are mechanical devices. Therefore, they are prone to gettingbroken, damaged or malfunctioning. Sure, high quality products havesmaller chances of these issues. Still, one can never be too carefuland should not leave a single thing to chance. Having said that, thefirst matter of concern, once you decide to purchase a massage chair,is the warranty. The frame of this majestic chair has a total of 5years coverage for any damage, while the mechanics and labor arebound to be taken care of free of charge during 3 years of yourusage. What is more, with Omega Montage, you get free shipping of anyspare parts during the first year of use, while a technician will beat your service should the occasion arise during the first 90 daysafter the purchase.

The next most important thing is theperformance of the chair itself. Namely, this is where the programsand automated massage are taken into consideration. The Omega MontageElite possesses 5 different programs of this type. You may choosebetween Activation, Relaxation, Vitality, Night and Morning modes,all made for different purposes and offering differentservices.

However, this is not all. On thecontrary, because you have various manual massage options this chair has tooffer. You might choose between shiatsu, finger press, kneading andtapping techniques which you can modify to maximize your pleasure andpositive effects.

Additionally, the Omega Montage Elitecan provide massage to the lower portions of your body as well, usingthe special air compression technique and various traction systemswhich will provide excellent stretching exercises for your body. Heatmassage is available in this massage chair as well. Finally, you havean mp3 player and a full internet support for downloading yourfavorite music while enjoying massage. Wrap all this luxury andusefulness in a great, elegant style chair and you get the OmegaMontage Elite, the best massage chair money can buy.

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