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Yunnan Paiyao is a homeostatic powdered medicine that was widely used during the Vietnam War. The Vietcong, both guerrilla and regular army units, carried this medicine in their bags to help against bleeding and wounds. The medicine is widely popular in China, where it is used similarly to penicilin in the United States. The medicine is manufactured in a a state-owned enterprise, Yunnan Baiyao Group in Yunnan, China. It is said thet the medicine was invenvented by a man from this province who explored the entire region and tasted a great number of herbs. This medicine has saved the life on many soldiers, in the massive Taierzhuang Battle of 1938. According to the history books, more than 30.000 bottles have been used by the army.

Formula in Yunnan Paiyao

The exact formula behind this medicine is a well guarded secret. However, today we know that the medicine contains small amounts of progesterone, several saponins, alkaloids and the pharmacologically active compound calcium phosphate. The process of making the remedy is also secret. Even in the factory, herbal ingredients are made up by thirteen separate teams, and none of them knows what kind of herbs are other teams mixing. Individual mixtures are also combined by additional team which knows only the exact proportions required to make a remedy, but not what is contained in the mixtures.


Yunnan Paiyao is in China sold as an over-the counter medicine that works especially good in treatment of cuts and bruises. The remedy reduces the bleeding, pain and swelling of the injuries, but it also improves the rate at which patients recover from the surgeries. It is even effective in treatment of severe wounds, such as ones from explosion and gunshot.

The secret ingredients in this remedy are used to normalize the blood flow in the affected area and to repair wounded and damaged blood vessels. The remedy stops hemorrhage and normalizes blood flow, while reducing the size, severity, and discoloration caused by bruises. The bruises treated with Yunnan Paiyao soon become lighter. When applied to the open wounds, this powder helps to resolve puss and stop excessive bleeding.

Sometimes, this remedy is used in a form of a pill and ingested before the surgery. The remedy doesn’t interfere with other drugs and painkillers. The remedy will help to heal even the deep wounds, treat chronic gastritis and improve general blood circulation. Moreover, it is not habit forming, and one can easily take it without any risks to health. However, the remedy shouldn’t be used with salads and fish. If it upsets the stomach it should be used with warm soup.

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