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Assisted Living

If an adult needs help with the tasks all people have to do during the day, there is a solution in the form of assisted living. Adults can get help with eating, bathing, dressing, using bathroom and similar but adults who can apply for this cannot get the full time care. Adults who only need help with mentioned tasks and similar can get this kind of help. Assisted living is becoming more and more popular among the seniors who need help, but they are looking for some sort of independence. This program is good because it also provides lower costs than the one needed for the long-term treatment in the traditional medical institutions.

Seniors should not be scared by this program because the dignity will be maintained at the highest level. AL, or assisted living, will make the seniors as independent as they can possibly be. This residential option is based on individuality, autonomy and privacy. Residences available in this program come in different styles and sizes and so we have a lot of units, ranging from family style to smaller apartments. This kind of senior housing is one of the most popular and it provides the help people need with everyday tasks and activities. Nursing homes can cause a lot of discomfort for seniors and maybe rob them off their dignity. AL will not do this and the freedom and independence of the seniors will be maintained.

VA Pension

But know that this faculty will cost a lot of money and this is something seniors are not really aware of. Every day at the AL program will cost 100$ but there is another thing seniors are not really aware of and this can help them with the costs for the AL. This is a pension provided by the Veterans Administration and it is called VA financial assistance. All veterans who have 90 days of active duty and one day during the period of war can apply for this kind of pension. Veterans do not need to have oversea action or service-connected disability in order to opt for the VA Pension. Widows can receive pension money from the veterans as well. The VA Pension can help the veteran pay for the assisted living with the 1,843 dollars every month, but this is possible only in specific situations.

Low income veteran households without the attendance and aid rating can get the VA Pension as well, but the amount will be decreased.You can get a lot of information about the VA Pension from the site Here you can see which requirements are needed for this pension and if you fulfill them all. Also, you have to know that this pension is available to those still in service. Need for assistance and income will determine the amount of the pension benefit.

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