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High blood pressure is a rather serious condition which can lead to damage and consequent change in function or structural abnormalities in many organs and organ systems. This fact makes it quite important for the condition to be established timely and to be treated with appropriate medications. The treatment of high blood pressure has amazingly advanced over the years and there are numerous medications that are available. Therefore the prevention of potential complications of high blood pressure is essential and easily conducted. All the possible consequences of increased blood pressure may be classified according to organs that are affected or to syndromes that may develop.


People who are suffering from high blood pressure are more prone to headaches. This happens due to increased blood pressure within cerebral arteries. The headaches are mainly located at the back of the head and occur early in the morning after waking up.

Acute Coronary Syndrome

Acute coronary syndrome presents a group of illnesses that feature with damage and structural change of heart muscle. The syndrome resembles angina and sometimes heart attack. This typical symptoms include pain in chest, shortness of breathing, increased perspiration, and increased heart beat. If heart is enlarged one may even experience arrhythmia.

The heart attack can be accelerated by prolonged high blood pressure. What is more this condition presents a huge risk factor for a stoke. Apart from previous two complications high blood pressure is an important contributor to coronary artery disease.

Complication on Kidneys

Increased blood pressure especially if lasts for a long period of time and is not regulated appropriately causes damage to the kidney arteries. They become narrower and the function of kidney may deteriorate. The worst outcome is kidney failure.

Complication Connected to Erectile Function

Men suffering from high blood pressure tends to have difficulties with erection. The problem is mainly connected to the therapy a patient is prescribed. Therefore it is best for the patient to consult his doctor and to discuss possible change in therapy so that erection can be improved.

Hypertensive RetinopathyHypertensive retinopathy is a result of prolonged influence of high blood pressure onto the blood vessels in retina. These blood vessels thicken and bulge which consequently leads to decreased vision joined with headache.

Complications of Metabolism

High blood pressure is connected to increased levels of triglycerides in blood. Apart from that so called 'good' cholesterol is not present enough. All these accompanied by high blood pressure and sometimes high levels of insulin contribute to majority of the already mentioned complications.

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