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A vasectomy is among the least invasive and expensive permanent contraceptive methods. But, while the surgery may not put a big strain on a man's body, the consequences of getting snipped are still very serious. What do you do when you regret a vasectomy your own, or your husband's?

Needless to say, a vasectomy is a terribly serious decision with permanent consequences. Vasectomy reversal procedures are increasingly effective, but a vasectomy is still a permanent contraceptive, and should never be treated as anything else. A vasectomy is a good option for men who are very sure they never want any more biological children, at any point in the future. Married couples should be on the same page when it comes to a vasectomy, and they should discuss their feelings and rational reasons for the vasectomy at length before going ahead.

Even if you are certain that having a vasectomy was the right choice, the thought of never getting pregnant again or having a little newborn of your own may be a little sad, or a lot sad at times. Women, especially, often feel terribly nostalgic when they see their friends or just a random stranger holding a newborn, or nursing a little baby. These feelings are bound to be even stronger if your decision not to have more kids was made for financial or practical reasons, and not because you genuinely didn't want to have any more children.

It's always good to talk to a therapist for going ahead and getting the big snip, but post-vasectomy feelings of regret can also nicely be addressed to a counselor. You can talk about the changing of life stages, fears about getting old, and all that horribly psychological stuff that most of us would rather not think about until it hits us in the face.

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