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Pregnancy is one of the best and most enjoyable times of your life, and when you are going to have a new baby, you have got to be excited and get this warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside. Right? That is what popular culture has you believe, indeed. But if you are having trouble getting excited about your pregnancy, you are by no means alone. Contrary to popular belief, getting pregnant does not automatically invoke a beautiful pink cloud. For some women, hormones and happiness make those nine months truly magical. For others, not so much or not at all. What if you are not excited about your pregnancy?

There are many different reasons why you might not be excited about your pregnancy. Perhaps your pregnancy was not planned, and came at a difficult time financially, logistically, or emotionally. Perhaps you got pregnant after a miscarriage or several, and you are not convinced that this pregnancy is here to stay. Or maybe you already have several children of the same sex, and are now expecting yet another boy, or yet another girl. But even without any obvious factors that might make you feel ambiguous about the baby you are expecting, such feelings can turn up. In the majority of cases, these feelings are temporary and will disappear towards the end of your pregnancy or just after your baby is born.

Prenatal depression could be the cause of negative feelings towards your pregnancy as well however, so if you are feeling extremely depressed and unable to carry out day to day activities, please do get in touch with your health care provider. Women who suffer from prenatal depression benefit from therapy or antidepressant medication. But remember, even though negative feelings about a pregnancy might be taboo, they are not unusual and not anything to be ashamed of.

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