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For many pregnant women, prenatal appointments are no more than a routine procedure. They can expect to be weighed, have their blood pressure taken, and to go through blood tests and urine tests. During pregnancy, it is very important to pay close attention to your body. It is normal for every pregnant woman to experience pregnancy signs and symptoms, but sometimes unusual symptoms should be looked at more carefully.

If your OB is following a bust schedule and seeing pregnant patients all day long, there may not be time for anything but the routine procedures we already mentioned. During my pregnancies, for example, my OB never asked me how I was feeling, and just got her equipment out and worked down her checklist. Don't let that mean that talking about pregnancy symptoms with your obstetrician is not important though if you are even remotely worried about anything happening to you, the sure-fire approach to get that addressed by your OB during a prenatal appointment is to write down your questions and to make sure to discuss your worries or questions.

You may be worried that your morning sickness goes beyond the normal nausea, and you might have a severe form of pregnancy nausea called hyperemesis gravidarum. You may have noticed a total lack of pregnancy symptoms, and may be worried about your baby. Or perhaps you suffer from bad back pain, or have unusual cervical mucus. Some women are not worried about their symptoms, but are looking for some guidance on how to deal with them. Bad episodes of heartburn can be a real challenge. Pregnancy insomnia or very specific cravings (even non food cravings) may be on your min. And as you get closer to birth, you may want to know more about signs of labor and when to contact your hospital. Whatever it is that is on your mind, make sure your voice is heard, and you get the care you need that is what your OB is there for!

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